A Sea Change?

Where I live does affect me greatly – hence why I don’t live in Kinglake anymore for many reason – but moving ‘down town’ to be ‘closer to everything’ has not made me happier.

I’m bored in my small house with my concrete backyard – if you could call it that. I feel like billy gets bored of looking at the same fence and living area.

So we are a young family in the rental trap, looking for something better, somewhere to actually live our lives not just live. life is kind of static at the moment and were not getting ahead finically. So we may as well try to change our fate.

These kind of decisions are not taken lightly but it is time to make a decision – whether we move to the next suburb or 4 hours away is still a huge deal – Pro’s and cons don’t really work either because all the ‘pro’s are important. to have billy close to his grandparents and aunties and uncles or have him grow up living and breathing fresh country/seaside air where he can explore, play with his 3 cousins and not have to worry about anything but where he will make his next cubby house.

My heart breaks when i do think about taking him away from everyone around here – i know exactly how it feels because my sister did it to me. but i know it gets better and when i see her and her 3 kids nothing has changed – except she/they are happier, she has a spring in her step. BUT will her happy place be mine?

Is the grass REALLY greener on the other side’ well we don’t have any grass here at the moment so any kind of grass would be a start – well actually i have 4 squares of fake grass but it is just that – FAKE. you alway hear people that have made the move – they say ‘they wished they’d have done it sooner’

It is only for 12months, what is 12months of your whole life, we would miss our friends, family, our netball/football crew and my beautiful mummas that are basically my rocks and who make me feel normal about not knowing what the hell I’m doing – it is easy for Jarrod to get a job, we wouldn’t be completely alone with my sister being there, cost of living is cheaper *sigh* i just don’t know!

My soul is happy when I’m close to the beach.

So do we sit down every night for a month and talk about it and weigh things up or is it a leap of faith kind of thing – 1 2 3 just do it?


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  1. hellen says:

    omg jodie – i did it 3yrs ago – I still miss having my friends & family close by (just accept you will do a bit of driving!) but the lifestyle is AMAZING – I mean AMAZING every day – do it now while Billy is little – my teens found it hard – did I mention the coast is AMAZING?

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    1. jodiebeech says:

      Haha I thought about you having done it! Your life looks amazing!


  2. zoe says:

    We are in the exact same boat!!
    If it doesn’t work out you can always come back and that’s the thing with doing it while billy is little.. no schools to change no new friends to make… take the leap I say!!

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    1. jodiebeech says:

      I keep telling myself we can easily come back! Glad to know I’m not the only one!


  3. Sophie Livaditis says:

    That is such a huge decision to make… Tom and I recently went through a similar dilemma (without the having a child to think about aspect of course!), due to a job opportunity!
    No one piece of advice is going to fit every situation, but I think moving down there is worth a try, which is the same thing I said to Tom. Be brave and put yourselves out there, and think about whether you think you could be more unhappy/bored than you are now?
    We would miss you greatly, but put yourselves first, and do what is going to make you happy!
    Just my two cents! Xx sending you good vibes!

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