Going on Holidays with a Baby

I thought I could keep Billy in the shade while I tan, this has now become a dream in which I will only be able to achieve once he and his siblings in the years to come are older and can fend for themselves.
I understand that it will be even more of a challenge next year – he will be walking. 
Date night was the one night Jarrod and I could let our hair down, only to tie it back up at around 11, not only because we were exhausted but because we both knew we would be up at the crack of dawn again the next morning.


 The heat is something Billy is ok with. We have a little pool for him and he floats in the water, it’s the ‘getting him to sleep for the night’ which is my biggest problem- he goes down fine it’s what to put him in.. Blanket? No blanket? And do I still put him in his grow bag/ that he has become very attached to, Billy also likes to go to sleep with something soft against his face, a nice cuddly blanket which is WAY to hot for him… Oh the struggle!
I am imagining everything in 10years- jarrod was knee boarding so my brain switches to ‘this will be Billy one day’ and I see boys from other family’s play cricket and fish and I’m seeing Billy do this… I think my brain is subconsciously preparing itself for the times ahead, and I’m still consciously accepting that I have a child.

Now I’m realistic about Billy being surrounded by sugar all his life and I will teach him as he grows the benefits of eating real food. But when you find he has been sucking on an icy pole given to him by one of the elders of the group you have to make a decision… To get upset and angry that his been downing that icy pole like it was his last meal or to let it slide because let’s face it, that’s what pops are for, I’m on holidays and it’s too hot.

So gone are the days I could drink daiquiri all day and float in the lake, sleep in till noon and sun bake.
I AM enjoying the delightful little face of Billy Jay instead, and making memories that will last a life time. 


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