Stop Listen and Look

 As the years go by and we are left again searching for a New Years resolution and assessing our past year on how we can improve- I’ve come to realise we need to be more involved in our lives.

We’re so busy these days we forget to absorb what’s around us… Time goes by so quickly and then we’re on to the next chapter with our heads still stuck in our phones, it’s too easy to just sit and scroll like a zombie looking at everyone else’s lives while not being involved in our own. 

My dad always told me to ‘stop listen and look’ we would go for walks and he would hear something, we would stop mid step, stay completely still – listen to the sound and look to see if we could find the bird/animal, now I realise it was so much more then looking for a bird as much as we did love looking for them… It was about taking in your surroundings and BEING there.

Billy is 6months old today. He is sitting, and giggling and I still look at him and freak out, what the fuck? His HERE!! 

It’s been a year since we were in Yarrawonga dreaming about what Billy would be like. My life has done a complete 180! From working full time to being a stay at home mum! I thought I would have time to play and spend every minute with Billy but life is as busy as ever and I need to take every opportunity to use my time right.

So I’ve decided to stop look and listen more often, I’ve decided to be in my moment rather then be in everyone else’s – being a mum is one of the hardest, most testing things I’ve ever had to do, so what’s the point in doing it if I’m not there enjoying it. 

Billy and me xx



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