My progression into mummy world

Yup! There is such thing as a mummy world. Its a happy place filled with cute clothes and beanies and cute nappy wallets (Yess.. they’re a thing). You do have to watch what you say (do not question the cut or not to cut circumcision dilemma your having on a Mummy Facebook Group  – it all gets real very quickly)

I’ve taken on motherhood head first, it was all that I wanted – Billy is a very content little baby and while I have had it quite easy compared to other mummy’s I can say I found my new ‘normal’ pretty quickly and with little change (life is still good and I am still me) it was that mummy world that I quickly realised was a passionate place!

I didn’t think it would be easy – but I did think I knew more then enough to keep a baby fed and clean and happy and while Billy is thriving I really didn’t know about all that came with having a baby.

I will admit I was afraid of being judged – even to the point of not telling people Billy sleeps through or that I had to switch to formula after only a couple of weeks – things I should of been proud of or looked for support with, I didn’t want to mention. I was afraid of not fitting in with the new friends I was going to make – this has all somewhat changed.

I love my mummy group and the eye contact in the shops with other mums – gives you a sense of security, knowing were all going through the same thing and that bad day isn’t as bad as you think it is. My progression into mummy world has not finished yet but I am now seeing the beauty of it all and am letting my guard down a little bit every day, I’m learning that its ok not to know the answer or to just be an ear to another mum looking to vent, it is also ok to say what you really feel – most mums will agree but not want to say it themselves. Its sad that we feel judged for doing what comes naturally but I am now starting to embrace the mummy world I now find myself in.. and I am starting to feel comfortable.

Billy and me xx



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